Benefits of Using Metal Fence Panels

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When you are looking for a new fence, it is important to consider the different material options. Most fences are made of wood or metal. Metal fencing is proving increasingly popular with homeowners and business who want to deter burglars without creating a fortress-like boundary.

There are several advantages in choosing a metal fence over a more traditional wooden one.

Longer Lifespan

The first is lifespan. Metal fences last longer than wood, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Wooden fences in Western Australia can be subject to warping and losing their shape after continued exposure to our strong sunshine. They also have the potential to catch fire and burn more easily. Wet conditions or rot won’t affect metal fences, and termites will march straight past. Any initial savings gained from choosing wooden fencing can prove to be a false economy when the likelihood is that you’ll have to replace the whole thing in a few years.

Maintenance Savings

Metal fences also win on maintenance. Painting a fence every couple of years is a real chore and costly too. Most metal fencing is maintenance-free, and will stay clear of rust and keep its finish for many years. It also doesn’t need to be stained or sealed and will maintain its shape without warping. Should you need to fix or change the layout of your metal fence, repairs are cheaper than wooden fences.

Peace of Mind

If you’re worried about burglars, metal fencing is also an effective crime deterrent. You can choose a tall fence with pointed barbs to make it difficult to climb, and you can even tie the fence in with security systems to keep criminals off your property.

CSA Fencing, Western Australia’s premier fencing contractors with over 35 years of experience, specialises in three types of metal fencing – garrison, palisade and security mesh. Between these, we cover the whole range of fencing requirements.

Garrison Fencing

Garrison fencing is a high-end security solution. Built from heavy duty steel, these fences can be built high and strong, with spear type heads and provide the best level of security and intruder deterrent. They allow for good visibility, and can be finished in a range of colours and finishes.

The additional strength of these fences and gates means less maintenance and a much longer time in-between replacements and repairs.

Palisade Fencing

Mainly used in commercial and industrial settings, palisade fencing is a strong, steel solution that also comes in at a relatively low cost.

Palisade fencing is also easy to install, following the contours of the ground, making sure no gaps appear under the fence. It is difficult to climb over, almost impossible to cut and requires no maintenance.

Security Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is an extremely reliable security fencing system which is often used to protect industrial sites, school, sports stadium, airports and commercial buildings.  It comes in a range of types, but all are extremely cost-effective and resistant to weathering.

Security mesh fencing does not block sightlines, so are ideal where good visibility is needed. They also work well with planted shrubbery where your property needs a more private outlook.

CSA Fencing WA is a Perth owned and operated family firm.  We have been trading for 35 years and can advise on the best fence solution for your requirements. We’ll keep you informed with expert guidance and communication every step of the way.  Contact us to discuss your metal fencing needs.