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6 Questions for Your Fence Installation Contractor

Looking for a fence contractor, but not sure what to ask? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get at CSA Fencing…each one is worth asking when shopping around for a trusted fence installation company.

  1. How long have you been in the business?

A contractor who is unable to demonstrate their operating history should be seen as a red flag, whereas a fence installation company with decades of experience is one you can trust. CSA Fencing WA has been installing fences in Perth for more than 35 years, providing clients with highly trained and experienced contractors…a quality result guaranteed.

  1. Is there a product warranty?

A contractor who does not offer a warrantee may be cheaper, but the trade-off is flimsier fencing, which means ongoing maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, fence installers offering warranties for materials and the entire installation process are confident that they are providing a premium product and high standard of service – meaning fewer ongoing capital expenses. 

  1. Is your fencing 100% rustproof?

Fences are prone to rusting, so it’s worth asking whether every single material used for manufacturing and installation is entirely rustproof. Customers concerned about aesthetics tend to request rustproof slats, but don’t forget to check that the fittings are anti-rust too – from the welds, screws and hinges, to latches, panels, poles and slats. 

  1. Are you a qualified fence contractor?

If the answer is “No”, then it’s likely that the final fencing product will not meet expectations, perhaps being uneven or collapsing in certain areas soon after installation. Get the job done right first time round by a getting in touch with a qualified fence contractor – like one from CSA Fencing Perth.

  1. Can I see some of the work you have done?

An extensive portfolio documenting high quality fence installations is an immediate indication of a successful company. Word of mouth is also often the best and easiest way to find reputable fence installers, with positive online testimonials and reviews providing a reliable referral system.

  1. How long will the fence installation take?

A reliable fence installation company will be able to provide an approximate timeframe for the installation, from start to finish. Whether the fence being installed is for a residential or commercial property, a timeframe ensures that the client can plan their schedule accordingly, without running into any time-related issues surrounding the installation process.

CSA Fencing Perth offers everything you’re looking for when it comes to fence installations, providing customised, premium fences for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Having been in the fencing installation business for more than 35 years, ask us these questions today!

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Installing an Automatic Sliding Gate

Efficient and safe, automatic sliding gates run on a transmitter-receiver system, enabling commercial and industrial business operations to run far more smoothly. For business owners considering this addition to their premises, here is what’s involved.

  1. Gate Construction

From the concrete track and the gate itself, to the guide support post and receiver post, a Perth-based CSA Fencing expert can construct an automatic sliding gate from start to finish – there’ll be no rework and time wasted when a professional gets on board.

Establishing two exact points for where the gate will open is critical, ensuring the opening width is adequate and that the gate can completely open. 

  1. Driveway Width

Be it a commercial or industrial property, an automatic sliding gate will only be an option if there is sufficient driveway space for installation. Other factors to consider are whether the driveway will be the only access point to the property, or if there will be an additional back or side entrance. A pedestrian gate will be required if the sliding gate is the only entry-option.

  1. Power

For the majority of applications, 24v at the gate’s control board is required.  Whilst the motors we use here at CSA Fencing have a back-up battery fitted, we always request customers supply power outlets for their gate motor.

A battery backup motor may also be a worthwhile investment, ensuring that in the case of a blackout, the gate will still be able to operate and business can run as usual.

  1. Concrete Footing

Track mounted sliding gates require a concrete ‘strip’ that covers the retraction space and opening of the driveway. Starting at 300mm wide x 300mm deep, concrete footing also needs to allow additional width to accommodate vehicles entering and exiting the premises.

  1. Safety devices

In addition to helping operations and day-to-day activities run smoothly, business owners can feel assured that an automatic sliding gate will increase the safety of everyone contributing to foot traffic – from employees and couriers, to pedestrians in the surrounding area. Sliding gate guideposts for instance have photo-electric cells or ‘PE beams’ attached, which ensure that the gate will only close once a pedestrian or vehicle has completely entered or exited the opening.

  1. Access Control

Whether or not the existing garage door remote will be used to access the sliding door’s remote transmitter is something to consider, as is the option of gate activation via an internal intercom. Other factors to think about: the addition of a gate function for pedestrian access, and whether the will gate will close automatically or manually with a remote after a vehicle enters/exits the premises.

An automatic sliding gate may look simple, but correct construction is something best left to the professionals – like Perth’s sliding gate and security gate experts at CSA Fencing WA… everything from customised installation to running operations will be taken care of!

CSA Fencing: A Western Australian owned and operated family run business, we have over 35 years of experience in the security fencing industry. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right sliding gate or fencing option for your business!

Industries security fencing in perth WA

Benefits of Using Metal Fence Panels

When you are looking for a new fence, it is important to consider the different material options. Most fences are made of wood or metal. Metal fencing is proving increasingly popular with homeowners and business who want to deter burglars without creating a fortress-like boundary.

There are several advantages in choosing a metal fence over a more traditional wooden one.

Longer Lifespan

The first is lifespan. Metal fences last longer than wood, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Wooden fences in Western Australia can be subject to warping and losing their shape after continued exposure to our strong sunshine. They also have the potential to catch fire and burn more easily. Wet conditions or rot won’t affect metal fences, and termites will march straight past. Any initial savings gained from choosing wooden fencing can prove to be a false economy when the likelihood is that you’ll have to replace the whole thing in a few years.

Maintenance Savings

Metal fences also win on maintenance. Painting a fence every couple of years is a real chore and costly too. Most metal fencing is maintenance-free, and will stay clear of rust and keep its finish for many years. It also doesn’t need to be stained or sealed and will maintain its shape without warping. Should you need to fix or change the layout of your metal fence, repairs are cheaper than wooden fences.

Peace of Mind

If you’re worried about burglars, metal fencing is also an effective crime deterrent. You can choose a tall fence with pointed barbs to make it difficult to climb, and you can even tie the fence in with security systems to keep criminals off your property.

CSA Fencing, Western Australia’s premier fencing contractors with over 35 years of experience, specialises in three types of metal fencing – garrison, palisade and security mesh. Between these, we cover the whole range of fencing requirements.

Garrison Fencing

Garrison fencing is a high-end security solution. Built from heavy duty steel, these fences can be built high and strong, with spear type heads and provide the best level of security and intruder deterrent. They allow for good visibility, and can be finished in a range of colours and finishes.

The additional strength of these fences and gates means less maintenance and a much longer time in-between replacements and repairs.

Palisade Fencing

Mainly used in commercial and industrial settings, palisade fencing is a strong, steel solution that also comes in at a relatively low cost.

Palisade fencing is also easy to install, following the contours of the ground, making sure no gaps appear under the fence. It is difficult to climb over, almost impossible to cut and requires no maintenance.

Security Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is an extremely reliable security fencing system which is often used to protect industrial sites, school, sports stadium, airports and commercial buildings.  It comes in a range of types, but all are extremely cost-effective and resistant to weathering.

Security mesh fencing does not block sightlines, so are ideal where good visibility is needed. They also work well with planted shrubbery where your property needs a more private outlook.

CSA Fencing WA is a Perth owned and operated family firm.  We have been trading for 35 years and can advise on the best fence solution for your requirements. We’ll keep you informed with expert guidance and communication every step of the way.  Contact us to discuss your metal fencing needs.

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Tips for Hiring Fence Contractors in Perth

You need a fence for your home or business because it offers strength, security and will last a long time.  These are the three main criteria to bear in mind when choosing your fence contractor.

As much effort and research should be going into selecting the team for the job as in choosing your fence, as installation is even more important than materials.  Problems such as faulty construction, over or under ordering of materials and non-compliance with building regulations can make what seems a simple fencing job turn into an expensive nightmare.

Questions to Ask 

The basic questions you need to ask when hiring a fencing contractor are about knowledge and experience.

Firstly, how is your fence going to comply with local building codes? A reputable contractor will know exactly what is and isn’t acceptable in your location.

Secondly, how much experience does this contractor have? The more experienced the contractor, the more likely the job will be straightforward and cost-effective. Just as important is the specific skills available for the job – some firms have skilled carpenters specialising in wooden fences, while others have built their business on metal security fences for commercial properties. Make sure you choose the right one for your job.

You may also want to ask about how long you’ll have to wait to get the job started, how many days the build will take, and who will be responsible for clearing up afterwards and removing refuse.

Insurance and guarantees are also important to bear in mind. If your contractor breaks something, are they insured? Will your fence be guaranteed and for how long?

Get a Quote

Make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction and laid out in a written quote (not an estimate).

And not all quotes are comparable. Make sure any quotes you received for the work are written specifically for your property, not just a copy and paste job and that they provide an accurate analysis of the job in hand.

The fence contractor should provide a contract that specifies the details of the agreement, the cost involved, the material used and the payment schedule.

Aim for the best

But how do you avoid hiring a bad contractor and making a costly mistake? When choosing a fence contractor, you should always ask for references and check their previous work – this should be easy to do as a good contractor will have these readily available, usually on their website.

As fencing specialists, CSA Fencing WA have vast knowledge and experience you won’t find with a general builder. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector has built up over 35 years of trading with customer service and satisfaction at the centre of all that we do.

Our Western Australia-owned and operated family firm is based in Perth and we can advise on the best fence solution for your needs, whether for home or business. We’ll keep you informed with expert guidance and communication every step of the way.  Contact us now for a no-obligation chat or advice

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Protect Your Home with Security Fencing

They say your home is your castle, so it should be protected. Keeping your family and belongings safe doesn’t require high stone walls or a moat – nowadays, all it takes is some strong security fencing to protect the most important things. Security fencing in Perth comes in so many colors, finishes, and heights that it’s easy to find a style to suit your home.

Designing your security fence

Whether you are building, renovating, or looking to protect an existing home, it’s important to consider how the design of your security fencing works to protect you and your family. A more complicated design comes with an advantage because it is more effective at deterring potential intruders, however the trade-off is a higher price tag. The final design should take a few things in to account:

  • Required fence height (most residential properties come with a maximum height of 6 feet)
  • Material strength and size – consider anti-cut and anti-climb materials
  • How to stop intruders climbing over or breaking through gates
  • Any alarm or lock systems you might need

In the design phase, it is important to consider the space you are fencing off along with any existing structures. CSA Fencing WA can build high strength security fencing into, and between, existing brick walls to retain the home’s original character. We can also affix security measures like locks, alarms, and monitoring to gates to keep unwanted visitors out.


Not all fences are made alike, so choose the fence material carefully. Obviously, a stronger material is harder to cut through, making life more difficult for potential intruders. Whilst budget is always a consideration, you should consider the value of a stronger material in deterring potential thieves.

Some of the options available for Perth home security fencing include garrison fencing, chain mesh and plastic coated mesh, palisade fencing, then there are pointed tops or barbed wire adornments. If you are unsure about the best option for your security fence, we are happy to run you through the options and suggest the perfect solution. After all, we have learned a thing or two from 35+ years installing security fencing for Perth families.


Once you have finalised the design and chosen the right type of security fence panel, you want to make sure you are being sold a high-quality fence. Not only will this provide more strength and security, but it will act as an immediate deterrent to intruders because higher quality security fencing also looks more impenetrable. There are Australian standards for different security fencing materials like stainless steel, iron and iron alloys, galvanised steel, and powder coated metals so compare these and ensure you are getting a high-quality material for the utmost safety.

Home security fencing is a relatively easy way to protect your house and family, providing peace of mind as well as high level security. We know how important your safety is so we are always on hand to offer obligation free advice on the best design, material, and quality for your security fencing. Feel free to get in touch with any questions and find out how CSA Fencing WA can protect your home with Perth’s best security fencing.