Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the ideal solution for situations where parking space is at a premium and you want to allow for automated opening and closing. CSA Fencing install stylish sliding gates that sit flush against the fence line, allowing for maximised yard and carpark space. That means less chance of being damaged by vehicles entering or exiting, and if you opt for a remote-controlled solution you never have to worry about the gate being left open again!

We manufacture garrison, palisade, chain mesh, and Colorbond sliding gates to any specification. All our sliding gates and fences are made to your exact specifications from high quality Australian steel. If you’re looking for a 1-metre wide sliding gate for pedestrians, or an 18-metre industrial sliding gate, then we can help.

Imagine all the time and space you could save by installing a sliding gate on your premises. CSA Fencing are Perth’s sliding gate and fencing specialists. We will set you up with a fully automated, totally secure sliding gate for less than you might expect. No matter what your specifications are we can custom make a solution to fit, because all our sliding gates are manufactured right here in Perth.

Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, sliding gates can be made to blend right in to existing brickwork or stand out as a security measure. Contact CSA Fencing to find out how we can free up space in your yard by installing a secure, durable sliding gate along an existing fence line or brand new CSA fence.