Security Rooms

What could be more reassuring than having your most treasured items in secured self-storage? That’s easy: a custom security cage installed on your premises from CSA Fencing, built to your specifications.

Whether you need wire mesh storage for the safe keeping of valuable equipment, or somewhere to lock up your bicycle in your apartment complex, we can help. CSA Fencing construct and install reinforced security fencing and gates for safety conscious clients all over Perth.

What sets CSA Fencing apart from other security fencing manufacturers in Perth is that all our solutions are custom fabricated in our workshop, made from local Australian steel. Not only are our security cages cost effective, they’re also practical and guaranteed safe for your peace of mind.

Forget trusting your most valuable items to a second-rate, self-storage yard, and instead keep them safe with a bespoke security cage. This could be expensive equipment, dangerous goods or valuable stock stored securely inside your commercial facility with a mesh security cage, or irreplaceable personal items under your own watchful eye in an in-home security cage for your apartment.

We have installed secure, long lasting wire mesh security fences in hundreds of environments across Western Australia, including industrial facilities, mining operations, government education facilities, and in further afield rural areas. With a huge range of security solutions to choose from we are confident CSA Fencing build Perth’s best security solutions. No matter what you want to keep safe, we will work with you to assess the security requirements and create a safe, cost effective solution tailored to your needs.