How Secure is Your Security Fence?

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Security fencing is intended to keep your business, construction site, or home safe from intruders and theft. As the name suggests, the whole idea is security – but how secure is your security fencing? It is worth running through the list below to make sure your fence is keeping your valuable belongings safe, and keeping trespassers out. Security fencing is critical to many Perth businesses. Is yours up to the mark?

Fence height

It seems obvious that higher fences are harder to climb, but how high should your fence be? Usually security fences higher than 8 feet are a good choice to deter potential thieves. Not only are higher fences harder to scale, they are also a psychological deterrent.

Barbed wire

It might seem a little barbaric but barbed wire and razor wire serve a real purpose. Again, it serves as a psychological repellent as well as an obvious physical barrier. Perth security fences with barbed wire mounted on a 45-degree angle out from the fence are even more effective at keeping people out.

Mesh size

The higher the mesh, the harder it is to climb. If trespassers can’t get a foothold, then they will really struggle to get over the fence – a 50mm diamond with a 2.5 wire thickness is most common on security fences. However, if you need a sturdier, more permanent security fence then a 50mm diamond with a thicker wire diameter of 3.15 will make it much harder for determined thieves to cut through; you may also want to consider plastic coating to give your security fence a longer life – perfect for keeping intruders at bay!


How many gates do you need, and how many do you have? This is an important question to ask when planning security fencing as installing too many gates can open entry points for trespassers. In our experience, the most common incident involves thieves entering through gates that have not been locked, or fitted with poor quality security measures.

The range of security measures available for security fencing in Perth might surprise you – we can fit all kinds of locks, alarms, electronic monitoring systems, or traditional heavy duty key locks to keep unwanted visitors outside. It also keeps your business and your employees safe without disrupting the work schedule. You can still have the gates you want, with added security.

Security fencing in Perth

If you are looking at installing or upgrading your security fencing in Perth, look no further than CSA Fencing WA. We are an Australian owned and operated company with more than 35 years of experience installing all kinds of fencing around Perth. This means you can trust our advice and have peace of mind that with CSA security fencing, your business is in safe hands.

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