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Tips for Hiring Fence Contractors in Perth

You need a fence for your home or business because it offers strength, security and will last a long time.  These are the three main criteria to bear in mind when choosing your fence contractor.

As much effort and research should be going into selecting the team for the job as in choosing your fence, as installation is even more important than materials.  Problems such as faulty construction, over or under ordering of materials and non-compliance with building regulations can make what seems a simple fencing job turn into an expensive nightmare.

Questions to Ask 

The basic questions you need to ask when hiring a fencing contractor are about knowledge and experience.

Firstly, how is your fence going to comply with local building codes? A reputable contractor will know exactly what is and isn’t acceptable in your location.

Secondly, how much experience does this contractor have? The more experienced the contractor, the more likely the job will be straightforward and cost-effective. Just as important is the specific skills available for the job – some firms have skilled carpenters specialising in wooden fences, while others have built their business on metal security fences for commercial properties. Make sure you choose the right one for your job.

You may also want to ask about how long you’ll have to wait to get the job started, how many days the build will take, and who will be responsible for clearing up afterwards and removing refuse.

Insurance and guarantees are also important to bear in mind. If your contractor breaks something, are they insured? Will your fence be guaranteed and for how long?

Get a Quote

Make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction and laid out in a written quote (not an estimate).

And not all quotes are comparable. Make sure any quotes you received for the work are written specifically for your property, not just a copy and paste job and that they provide an accurate analysis of the job in hand.

The fence contractor should provide a contract that specifies the details of the agreement, the cost involved, the material used and the payment schedule.

Aim for the best

But how do you avoid hiring a bad contractor and making a costly mistake? When choosing a fence contractor, you should always ask for references and check their previous work – this should be easy to do as a good contractor will have these readily available, usually on their website.

As fencing specialists, CSA Fencing WA have vast knowledge and experience you won’t find with a general builder. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector has built up over 35 years of trading with customer service and satisfaction at the centre of all that we do.

Our Western Australia-owned and operated family firm is based in Perth and we can advise on the best fence solution for your needs, whether for home or business. We’ll keep you informed with expert guidance and communication every step of the way.  Contact us now for a no-obligation chat or advice