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6 Questions for Your Fence Installation Contractor

Looking for a fence contractor, but not sure what to ask? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get at CSA Fencing…each one is worth asking when shopping around for a trusted fence installation company.

  1. How long have you been in the business?

A contractor who is unable to demonstrate their operating history should be seen as a red flag, whereas a fence installation company with decades of experience is one you can trust. CSA Fencing WA has been installing fences in Perth for more than 35 years, providing clients with highly trained and experienced contractors…a quality result guaranteed.

  1. Is there a product warranty?

A contractor who does not offer a warrantee may be cheaper, but the trade-off is flimsier fencing, which means ongoing maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, fence installers offering warranties for materials and the entire installation process are confident that they are providing a premium product and high standard of service – meaning fewer ongoing capital expenses. 

  1. Is your fencing 100% rustproof?

Fences are prone to rusting, so it’s worth asking whether every single material used for manufacturing and installation is entirely rustproof. Customers concerned about aesthetics tend to request rustproof slats, but don’t forget to check that the fittings are anti-rust too – from the welds, screws and hinges, to latches, panels, poles and slats. 

  1. Are you a qualified fence contractor?

If the answer is “No”, then it’s likely that the final fencing product will not meet expectations, perhaps being uneven or collapsing in certain areas soon after installation. Get the job done right first time round by a getting in touch with a qualified fence contractor – like one from CSA Fencing Perth.

  1. Can I see some of the work you have done?

An extensive portfolio documenting high quality fence installations is an immediate indication of a successful company. Word of mouth is also often the best and easiest way to find reputable fence installers, with positive online testimonials and reviews providing a reliable referral system.

  1. How long will the fence installation take?

A reliable fence installation company will be able to provide an approximate timeframe for the installation, from start to finish. Whether the fence being installed is for a residential or commercial property, a timeframe ensures that the client can plan their schedule accordingly, without running into any time-related issues surrounding the installation process.

CSA Fencing Perth offers everything you’re looking for when it comes to fence installations, providing customised, premium fences for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Having been in the fencing installation business for more than 35 years, ask us these questions today!