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Many uses for chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing is used for a variety of reasons, making it the ideal solution for protecting and defining your space.

The extremely common chain-link fencing that is mainly used as property fencing on commercial and residential premises throughout the world, also has uses that extend past the common boundary posts. Made from galvanised metal and woven into a zig-zag pattern that is typically known as the diamond shape, chain wire fencing is also used in safety structural and industrial areas.

Considered amongst the most versatile products in the fencing market, chain wire fencing is the most suitable, not only for cordoning off areas, but also for transportation. After being woven, the chain-link product is so flexible that it can be rolled up with ease, and yet when installed, the chain-link design forms a strong, rigid surface.


Used on many sporting fields and for protecting spectators from flying bats and balls, chain wire fencing has a more ‘give’ than walls of metal and concrete. The woven metals allow for some ‘elasticity’ in the makeup making it perfect as the ‘suspended tension backstops’ in baseball.

Privacy Fencing

Many property owners use chain-link fencing to cordon off their properties, without cutting themselves off from the outside world. This kind of fence can be painted any colour and utilised well within the garden, creating a landscape affect that adds value to the outside of your home. Fencing is a great investment that will improve the look of your home so incorporate a fence that complements your house’ features.

Catch Fences

Popularly used as a catch fence, chain wire fencing is a common sight on race tracks. This fencing design is used to slow down out-of-control cars. Because of the elasticity of the woven design, chain-link fencing creates the ideal cushioning to slow down a speeding car without causing harm to the driver. These are still used on racetracks and can be seen on a lot of dirt tracks.

General Fencing

It is often used at warehouses, factories and on mining sites to separate storage space. On construction sites, it is referred to as ‘construction hoarding’ and is used to cordon off safety zones, storage areas and wherever vehicles are parked.

The metal in chain wire fencing is galvanised, ensuring that it stands up to the harsh outdoor elements. The strenuous treatment also ensures that this product does not rust and corrode, and that it maintains its integrity and rigidity.

Chain wire fencing has been the trusted fencing for many years and it appears that it will continue to be the go-to fencing solution for farmers, property developers, company owners and security firms across the world for years to come.