6 Things You Need to Know Before Installing an Automatic Sliding Gate

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Efficient and safe, automatic sliding gates run on a transmitter-receiver system, enabling commercial and industrial business operations to run far more smoothly. For business owners considering this addition to their premises, here is what’s involved.

  1. Gate Construction

From the concrete track and the gate itself, to the guide support post and receiver post, a Perth-based CSA Fencing expert can construct an automatic sliding gate from start to finish – there’ll be no rework and time wasted when a professional gets on board.

Establishing two exact points for where the gate will open is critical, ensuring the opening width is adequate and that the gate can completely open. 

  1. Driveway Width

Be it a commercial or industrial property, an automatic sliding gate will only be an option if there is sufficient driveway space for installation. Other factors to consider are whether the driveway will be the only access point to the property, or if there will be an additional back or side entrance. A pedestrian gate will be required if the sliding gate is the only entry-option.

  1. Power

For the majority of applications, 24v at the gate’s control board is required.  Whilst the motors we use here at CSA Fencing have a back-up battery fitted, we always request customers supply power outlets for their gate motor.

A battery backup motor may also be a worthwhile investment, ensuring that in the case of a blackout, the gate will still be able to operate and business can run as usual.

  1. Concrete Footing

Track mounted sliding gates require a concrete ‘strip’ that covers the retraction space and opening of the driveway. Starting at 300mm wide x 300mm deep, concrete footing also needs to allow additional width to accommodate vehicles entering and exiting the premises.

  1. Safety devices

In addition to helping operations and day-to-day activities run smoothly, business owners can feel assured that an automatic sliding gate will increase the safety of everyone contributing to foot traffic – from employees and couriers, to pedestrians in the surrounding area. Sliding gate guideposts for instance have photo-electric cells or ‘PE beams’ attached, which ensure that the gate will only close once a pedestrian or vehicle has completely entered or exited the opening.

  1. Access Control

Whether or not the existing garage door remote will be used to access the sliding door’s remote transmitter is something to consider, as is the option of gate activation via an internal intercom. Other factors to think about: the addition of a gate function for pedestrian access, and whether the will gate will close automatically or manually with a remote after a vehicle enters/exits the premises.

An automatic sliding gate may look simple, but correct construction is something best left to the professionals – like Perth’s sliding gate and security gate experts at CSA Fencing WA… everything from customised installation to running operations will be taken care of!

CSA Fencing: A Western Australian owned and operated family run business, we have over 35 years of experience in the security fencing industry. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right sliding gate or fencing option for your business!